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PV Pumping System

Water is the basic need of life and we can't even imagine our lives without water. As we all know that there is a scarcity of water in rural areas and there is no supply of national grid as well and in such case Topsun Energy Pvt. Ltd. has implemented Solar PV Water supply system in number of rural villages of Nepal.

Today it's not new to everyone that Topsun Energy Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading solar photovoltaic company for the design, supply, installation and commissioning of Solar PV Pumping System in Nepal. It is a pre-qualified company by AEPC for Supply, Construction/Erection, Testing and Commissioning for solar water drinking project. We are proud to say that the after sales service provided by the company is found to be excellent while taking the feedback from clients.

In many rural areas of Nepal the geographical structure is such that people are living at the top of the hills and there is unavailability of water at such height. So locals have to walk hours to collect water for their daily use. The lives become very hard due to scarcity of water, electricity and so on.

In such case for Solar Water Pumping Project we construct a water collection tank near the water resources where the running water from its source/spring is collected and the another water tank is constructed near the village at a certain height so that water can flow easily to every tap through the pipeline that was constructed. Then we use a high efficiency solar DC water pumps to pump up the water from the collection tank near the water source to the water tank situated at the village. Then the water collected at these tanks is distributed through normal pipelines. The only power available in remote sites is a Solar Power. So we use an array of Solar Photovoltaic modules to pump the water from the water source to the village situated at great heights. During day time when sun rises the  Solar PV modules generates an energy which runs the pump and the water is pumped up from the source to the village and water is collected at the tank during the day time which can be used by the community as and when required.