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Involving in the promotion of Alternative Energy and supporting the overall development of Nepal through disseminating solar PV system to the urban, deprived, back warded and inaccessible areas community of Nepal is its sole mission.



In view of contributing the nation, the self-help is the best help and it is better to provide contribution as far as possible. Hence, serving the nation through the Alternative Energy promotion by distributing good quality products to our country. "Quality products of Alternative Energy to the users" is its vision.


> To increase the quality of life of people of urban areas by eliminating the problems created by load shedding.

> To promote alternative energy for the electrification in the developing countries like Nepal.

> To provide easy access to electricity for the people living in the remote area to develop their quality of life to some extent.

> To help essential sectors to operate essential equipment like vaccine refrigeration's, hospital equipment and other devices.

> To help schools and colleges for the smooth functioning of teaching and learning.

> To provide safety and security through the implementation of street light.

> To achieve the financial objectives and increase the shareholders wealth.


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